Sunday, April 2, 2017

April 2017

Life is full challenger !!
Everyday we also learning !!
World is keep changing !!
We must keep update !

Now already April 2017 !!
Few more month then is 2018 !!
Time go fast !!
Stopping no people waiting you !!
Let go go go !!


carmensakura07 said...


Only April. Not yet so fast 2018. haha

Wah, income tax do ady? That's fast.

Hahaha. Yea, I update my blog because I want a fresh new look. You can do it too if you want.

Ah, been busy. That's good. Busy is always good.

Yea, economic is not so good. Still in same job or looking for diff job?
Like for me, I'm looking for a new job because my one year contract is going to end.

Japan was last time la.
But true, travel is for relax. So just relax and eating. hahaha

Oh, how was beijing? Was it nice?
Yea, you have kids now. Hope they are doing okay!!
For travel don't have to go far one.
Can take them to penang or ipoh or to one of the nice beaches.
When I was younger, I never go overseas before. so yea.

For me, I'm not scared to travel alone with no tour guide. Got google. hahaha

Ah so true.
Thanks so much!!

You too!
Go for your dreams!!!

carmensakura07 said...


I understand now that work is very busy and there's really no time for yourself.
I respect that you manage your work and your family time together because I think that must be hard to do.

OH, You are a ESFJ~~!

Cool~~! Do you agree that you are an ESFJ?

I'm an ENFP~!


Anyway, June ady. Middle of the year.

Hope you and your family are doing fine~~!

carmensakura07 said...


But yes, time passes so fast!

I understand.

My family currently needs money too so I'm worried too. That's why I'm really trying hard to look for a new job.

Well, you are much older than me so that means you have a lot more working experience than me.

If you want, you can search for the jobs you want now and see whether you can find them. Plus, with a lot more work experience than me, I think it should be easier for you.

Anyhow take care.

Don't stress too much!!

Hope your kids are doing fine and that your wife is healthy and happy.

carmensakura07 said...


It's August now~~!

How are things?

Hope you and your family are fine!!

I just started a new job tbh. hahaha